4 December
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Interview of the Month - November

Clara graduated from school in 2005 and was from Lockwood. She dedicates herself to Film Production and now she has a great new hobby: she's the Old Georgian Hockey's team captain. Let's hear more about her!

Q: What did you study after you finished School? Where?
A: I studied Film Production at Fundacion Universitaria de Cine, in Buenos Aires.

Q: Which is your best memory from your times at St. George’s College?
A: Wining the all school seven-a-side tournament, we weren’t the favorite, but managed to win all our matches.
20 November

Interview of the Month - October

We launch our Georgian Interviews Edition! A special interview each month! Starting with Analía Bigliardi (Camada 81, Lockwood). Analía is an Architect. She is now in charge of the St. George’s College Quilmes Boarding Project. We invite you to meet her!

Q: What’s your graduation year (Camada) and House?

A: Camada 81, Lockwood.

Q: Which is your best memory of your times at St. George’s College?

A: My first memory is the winter of 1976. I was a student at Quilmes High School and ...

16 October

Committee 2017


President: Ann V Foster (1990)
Vice President: Richard Handley (1962)

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