4 December
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Interview of the Month - November

Interview to Clara Bortot

Clara graduated from school in 2005 and was from Lockwood. She dedicates herself to Film Production and now she has a great new hobby: she's the Old Georgian Hockey's team captain. Let's hear more about her!

Q: What did you study after you finished School? Where?
A: I studied Film Production at Fundacion Universitaria de Cine, in Buenos Aires.

Q: Which is your best memory from your times at St. George’s College?
A: Wining the all school seven-a-side tournament, we weren’t the favorite, but managed to win all our matches.

Q: Can you tell us about a funny anecdote at School?
A: I always found inter houses very funny, because it was a moment in which one would compete against your best friends, so for a very short time your best friend became an enemy and after the match was over we would all be friends again. I know we all still remember these matches and maybe even the results!

Q: Where you a sports person? Can you tell us something you learned after practicing sports at School and which was your favorite one? 
A: I was always more of a sports person than a study person. I learned about the importance of practicing sports as a team, that’s why my favorite sport was always hockey, because you push your limits and in term also push the entire team to become better.  

Q: You are the Captain of the newly Old Georgian Hockey Team. How does it feel?
 A: It was a great honor being named captain; it still makes me smile every time my teammates call me that!  

Q: Creating a team is a big challenge. Can you tell us how you did it? 
A: It has been a great challenge but we are very fortunate to have assembled a hockey team that is able and willing to do pretty much anything we ask for, so it feels like the greatest ride. Our first training days were a bit disorganized because we had two different training groups and also kept having to rent hockey pitches. After two months we were allowed to start training at school and that has made all the difference. We train three times a week and play our tournament on Sunday. The process has left me speechless; there is such a commitment and organization from all the players that sometimes I feel we’ve been doing this for much more than three months. I’m fortunate to be part of a team that wants to push boundaries and make history!! 

Q: Which is your main goal for the team next year? 
A: To train and play as much as possible. To invite more Old G’s to join the team. Our biggest goal for next year will be in August which is when we should enrol at the Hockey association; this would allow us to play in the hockey league in 2019. 

Q: What do you wish for our Community for 2018? 
A: To achieve all of our goals!