20 November

Interview of the Month - October

Interview to Analía Bigliardi

We launch our Georgian Interviews Edition! A special interview each month! Starting with Analía Bigliardi (Camada 81, Lockwood). Analía is an Architect. She is now in charge of the St. George’s College Quilmes Boarding Project. We invite you to meet her!

Q: What’s your graduation year (Camada) and House?

A: Camada 81, Lockwood.

Q: Which is your best memory of your times at St. George’s College?

A: My first memory is the winter of 1976. I was a student at Quilmes High School and we went to St. George’s College for a hockey match. That’s when I first went to St. George’s and I knew I wanted to study there. In 1977, my journey at St. George’s College began.  The best memories are those of my friends!

Q: Can you tell us about an anecdote with a Professor?

A: Professors in those days where really disciplinary and shaped us a lot. I remember running 100 metres and suddenly falling to the ground. Everyone was looking at me! I just wanted to disappear but Miss Turnes shouted “Get up and run!!!”, and so I did. I ran as fast as I could to get in with the rest of the girls to escape from an embarrassing moment.

Q: Were you a sports person? Can you tell us something you learned after practising sports at School and which was your favourite one?

A: I loved sports and it was the best part of the day! I always tried to give my best to at least give one point to Lockwood.  My favourite sport was hockey and I still practice it.

Q: What did you study after you finished School? Where?

A: I studied Architecture at Universidad de Buenos Aires (UBA).

Q: How did your experience at St. George’s College influence your career?

A: College gave me the values of determination, perseverance, effort, and taught me to never give up.

Q: You are leading the new Boarding School, one of the most important School reformations and makeovers. How do you feel about it and what are your expectations?

A: To participate in one of the most important projects the School has is a big challenge. The building brings up many memories for those who lived there and, although we have to make many changes, we try to keep its spirit so that everyone that has been there can always come back and feel the same way they felt when they boarded there.

My expectations are to be able to give boarders a comfortable and modern environment where they can grow up, feel at home and add their history to the story the building already has.

Q: You chose St. George’s College for your children. Can you tell us why?

A: Because I want to give them the same education my parents gave me, for which I will always be grateful.

Q: What do you value the most about being a Georgian? Can you tell us how this Community influences you every day?

A: The fellowship feeling. Sharing those years with my friends when almost everyone was a boarder. When we even stayed the weekends and we had to share everything! The good and the bad. It bonded us in a very special way. And when you meet an Old Georgian you speak the same language, and share many memories, no matter what Camada you belong to, we are all the same.

Q: What do you wish for our Community for 2018?

A: To achieve all of our goals!

Thank you!